Natural Load

Smart soluble laundry detergent strips

Ultimate Nanotechnology

Cleanses whilst having zero environmental impact!

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It's the easiest and most ecological way of doing laundry!

Deep cleansing nanotechnology.
Eliminates viruses and bacteria.

Made with polivitalio®, our main raw material which is soluble in both hot and cold water.It is micro-plastic free, compostable and 100% biodegradable.


Each strip contains an important amount of deep cleansing technology that when in contact with water, it eliminates dirt and spots effectively like no other detergent.

Hand Usage

Natural Load is compatible with all types of washing machines including.Thanks to its formulation, is a low sudsing detergent which increases its excellent cleansing performance. .

Washer Machine

As part of its formulation, Natural Load contains natural jasmine tea.You'll love the great fresh aroma in your clothes!


A product of GreenTeamMx that
strings along with consumers' in their chores
taking good care of our planet.


¿How to use Natural Load?


As easy as:

1. Detach a strip.

2. Add clothes inside washer.

3. Place strip inside the drum and start washer.

For dirty laundry, use an extra strip.

For small loads, use half a strip.


Keep package closed after use.


Handle with dry hands.

Effective 100% eco-friendly

Thanks to its ultimate nanotechnology, Natural Load cleanses when in direct contact with water.The detergent strips will perform effectively wether in warm or cold water.Natural Load extracts dirt without doing any harm to cloth fibers. It prevents color migration and avoids any clothing deformation. On top of this excellent performance, you can be confident and free from disturbance about the residual water as it goes back to nature whilst having zero environmental impact.

Unique properties and benefits

Natural Load strips are hypoallergenic, eliminate viruses and bacteria, are non-toxic and vegan.Their nanotechnology is antistatic and anti-fungal.In addition, its formulation is fluorescent whitening agents free, paraben free and phosphate free. Natural Load dissolves completely and is micro-plastic free! It doesn't pollute!

Furthermore, it's so easy to store...

With Natural Load you can forget about heavy jugs and you'll gain your cupboard space back!

Natural Load means 85 % less packaging than traditional liquid detergent *

* considering same amount of loads


Korea Eco Label

It is certified by corean norm: ECO-LABEL

As consumers are becoming aware of the seriousness of environmental degradation, a growing number of consumers are beginning to consider eco-friendliness as an important factor in purchasing products, alongside prices, quality and designs. The government of Korea thus introduced an Environmental labelling for consumers to identify and select eco-friendly products and encourage business to develop and produce such products by visualizing information on their eco-friendliness.

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Cloth washed with traditional detergent

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Cloth washed with Natural Load

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It's Super Easy! Two pre-cut strips are provided on each sheet.The amount of strips you should use depend on the load size.

Use 1 strip per each 4 kg load. If the laundry is too dirty, you can use an extra strip.There is no risk of overusingNatural Load

Only place the laundry inside the washing machine. Then add the Natural Load strip with the laundry and start the wash cycle .

Natural Load is Italian technology. The large-scale production of Natural Load takes place in South Korea due to their high quality standards and regulations.

In order to keep its freshness and quality, the package must remain closed.Handle the Natural Load strips with dry hands to prevent sticking.

As it is a concentrated detergent, the product is quick and effective when in contact with water and laundry

Because Natural Load doesn't pollute.Some laundry detergents add anionic surfactants that in addition to polluting produce foam.Foam does not have a cleansing effect in laundry nor eliminates viruses or bacteria.

Natural Load is solvent-free so you can do your laundry without fear of damage.However, you shall follow the manufacturer's instructions for each clothing (dry or home clean)

Yes. As it is 100 % biodegradable, it will not damage the tank solids separation functions or the bacteriological level.

They are available at Amazon and supermarkets.

A Natural Load package may last until 10 years under appropriate storage conditions.i.e. the bag shall be well-closed at room temperature and low humidity.